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What is an Elopement Package?

An elopement package consolidates a range of professional services and products into one convenient offering, simplifying the process of getting married. Typically including a celebrant, photographer, and optionally additional services like hair & makeup, flowers, and a videographer, an elopement package streamlines vendor selection, sparing you the effort of searching for each service individually. Simply show up and enjoy a seamless and memorable elopement experience. Contact us now at Elopement Package to put your eloping or wedding plans together!

About Elopement Package

Dream, Create, Elope!

Specialising in Murray River elopement packages in the Echuca area - discover the ultimate elopement package designed to make your special day truly magical.

With Ben as the Celebrant, Sophia capturing your love story through photography, and Lokki adding an extra touch from acoustic melodies to content creation and much more in-between. it’s an unforgettable offer for your elopement.

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"Love doesn’t make the world go ’round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."

—Franklin P. Jones

Meet the Elopement Package Team

Elopement Package team member Ben Kirkby


Ben, our elopement package celebrant, brings a vibrant and playful energy to every ceremony, with a flair for fancy colours, a fondness for playful mischief, and a style that effortlessly blends fun and sophistication.

Elopement Package team member Sophia Somerville


Sophia, our talented elopement package photographer, exudes creativity and passion for her craft, finding inspiration in art, adoring the magic of capturing perfect sunsets, and expressing her unique style through a collection of fancy and stylish shoes.

Elopement Package team member Lokki Somerville


Lokki, is a man of many talents and our elopement package all rounder - from planning, music, photography, content creation he is there to bind everything together and fill out any extra services that complete your elopement package.

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